RV Parks – Lifetime Marketing Membership

Are you an RV Park or Campground owner or manager? We have good news!

If you’re tired of spending a lot of money on your RV Park or Campground advertising and marketing and getting little in return, we have a unique solution designed just for you.  Our Lifetime Marketing Membership will:

  • Allow for a very small initial investment of $199 to join and
  • Provide you with an ever-increasing amount of marketing and advertising for only $49.95 per month!

We reward loyalty, so as long as you are an active member, you are included in each and every new marketing method we undertake.  After joining, your low monthly amount of $49.95 is all there is – no hidden charges.  We like keeping the process simple, the price affordable, and the benefits ever-increasing.  Join today to be enrolled for the 2018 camping season and you will be included in our upcoming 2018 online directory!

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Want to check us out to see if we are legit?  Go to the South Carolina Secretary of State’s Website.  Our page showing we are in good standing is here.

About the Management

Christopher Mark Johnson (C. Mark Johnson) has 6-years camping experience combining seasonal and full-time.  He holds a Master of Business Administration in International Business with an additional concentration in Marketing.  He is a writer, author, voice narrator, and entrepreneur and has business experience dating back 29 years.