Selling Outside the Online Box

Indy Authors! Sometimes you may be so used to focusing your sales efforts online that you don’t think about non-bookstore offline sales. Think outside the online box. There are two factors to focus on:

1) Where can I sell my books offline in quantity, and …

2) How can I take the payments myself in order to get paid immediately instead of waiting one to four months on my money?

Getting quantities higher and cashflow faster gives you the best of both worlds; more money, now. Authors, treat your book marketing and sales as a business. You’ve put in the hard work and you deserve to be paid for it!

Think of non-profits, associations, and other organizations that would benefit from your book. Then, pick up the 10-ton telephone and call them about it. Do your research first, however. I use Reference USA available free through my library. You can build a custom list of business prospects in Excel, free. It has lots of information on each organization.

When you have made a sale, take the payment yourself using your merchant account (full disclosure – that is my referral link to Square) and once your money is in your bank account, order the books for your customer and you keep the difference-your profit. This should be much greater per book than your royalty if you price it right.

I hope this is helpful in getting you to start thinking outside the online box.

C. Mark Johnson


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