Keyword Tips for Authors

Authors, when you see a really successful book on Amazon, do you ever wonder what their keywords or key phrases are?  Paid tools are available, but you can see what’s under-the-hood on their Amazon book detail page in seconds. How?

Right click on the page in an area that is without links. You will see the shortcut menu appear. Scroll down to “view page source” and left click. You will see code and on the left you will see that each row is numbered. Scroll down to about line 1550 or so and look for the word “keywords“.

When you see it, reading from left to right, you will notice general categories and terms first, then the more unique and specific keywords will be toward the end of the line.

Do these keywords fit your book too? If so, try incorporating them into your Kindle book keywords and your CreateSpace print editions. Give it a week and see if there is an increase in sales. You may also want to strategically incorporate them into your Amazon book description.

After a week or two, change it again if needed. Do this until you see the sales increase. Don’t be afraid. Experiment and have fun with it!  I hope this is helpful.

C. Mark Johnson



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