You’re Hired! The Two Most Important Words in Job Hunting

When you’re job hunting, these two words are the most important ones, right? All of your inputs such as resume’ preparation, using the right cover letter, interview preparation, wearing the right clothes are your way of marketing yourself – your inputs. The desired output is landing the job; when you hear those two most sought-after words.

It takes a great deal of prep work to get you there and three things that are sometimes overlooked are shown below.

Back in the day, my Uncle told me that: “Mark, people know three things about you when they first meet you; how you look, how you act, and what you say when you open your mouth. Make sure those things are in order when you meet other people.”

Just this one bit of advice alone can help land the job, as most interviewers don’t give you a second chance to make a first impression. They’re very busy and if you don’t make a strong and positive connection with them during the first interview, it is highly unlikely that you’ll be invited back for the second interview.

In my book: Choosing the Right Career Path – 3rd Edition, Chapter 10 – You’re Hired goes into depth about highly effective networking techniques that are under-utilized. I also talk about the entire process in this particular chapter too.

Both the Paperback Version and Kindle Version are available from this page on Amazon listed below. I wish you the best in the New Year!


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